Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Resource& Planning (ERP) are software that has played an integral part in various applications throughout the world. This software is used within medium and large enterprises to enhance communication through data collection and information. In-order to build a business and to maximize software application and system function both EAI and ERP must be implemented. Incorporating (EAI) and (ERP) makes daily business operations, flexible, efficient and accessible.

Differentiating between EAI and ERP

(EAl) short for Enterprise Application Integration, help businesses and other enterprises to link old and new systems into an interconnected unit. Therefore, it integrates different software to communicate and to process information. This software brings together a variety of applications such as CRM and SCM to improve data collection, programming operations.

On the other hand, ERP short for Enterprise Resource & Planning. Consist of different software such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, which are used to help organizations collect and disperse data and information throughout the organization.

EAI software is used to connect or link different systems and applications, while ERP software helps businesses to safely collect, store data and communicate information to clients, employees and others effectively. Although, both applications are different they are both beneficial for upgrading your application, storing important information and for communication with others around the world and within organizations.