Different kinds of companies can utilize the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It facilitates streamlining of the administrative functions of company enterprises and enhancing efficiency. This minimizes error and increases companies’ productivity. ERP is essential for companies experiencing rapid growth. The organizing value enables growing companies to closely monitor data and enables these businesses to make informed decisions that are invaluable to growth and development of the business.

On the contrary, companies that are struggling can also benefit with the higher clarity and easier visibility that an ERP introduces into a company’s operations. Avenues where savings could be safeguarded, company operations could be fast tracked, or where opportunities are put to waste are easily identified and appropriate corrective action put in place.

Likewise, for large and complex companies an ERP is very fundamental. The company needs to closely monitor the large scope of data across the diverse company departments such as accounting and inventory. On the other hand, maintaining multiple systems implies that data can’t be easily shared and that inhibits decision making by the company’s management. It is also significantly more costly and consequently, leads to poor execution of company functions and productivity. Hence, the ERP provides an ideal solution to large scale companies.